Counselling and Therapy with Sally-Ann Lipson

Counselling and Therapy with Sally-Ann Lipson

Why Therapy

Therapy can be hugely helpful for people who find themselves depressed or stuck, lacking in motivation, confidence or direction. It can offer a new perspective on a challenging situation, helping to make sense of the chaos when things feel overwhelming and it feels impossible to see the bigger picture. It's useful for updating and improving relationships at home and at work, and effective in offering resources so that life no longer seems quite so daunting.

A course of counselling can be brief (between 6 and 12 sessions) when a prospective client has identified a specific issue they want to work on. Counselling sessions can also be open ended, giving clients the time and space they need to look at their lives in more depth.

Therapy gives people an opportunity to understand themselves better in order to lead a richer, more fulfilling life.

Some common topics covered are: