Counselling and Therapy with Sally-Ann Lipson

Counselling and Therapy with Sally-Ann Lipson

About me

I was born in London and originally worked as a theatrical agent, representing actors, directors and choreographers.

I retrained as a therapist in the 1990s, and have worked in counselling and therapy ever since. For some of this time I worked as the Training and Development Manager for a large National Parenting Organisation.

I have been part of a stepfamily for more than 30 years and particularly enjoy working on stepfamily issues with individuals and couples. I continue exploring these issues with a small charity, StepIn ASAP, which works with anyone in a complicated contemporary family situation.

Being part of a stepfamily has been an education in itself, providing opportunities and resources that help me deepen my understanding of the dynamics of family life, which in turn goes on to inform my work.

I'm also interested in supporting people as they move out of the child-rearing part of their lives and are interested in looking at later-stage issues.

Additionally, I offer systemic supervision, supporting therapists, coaches or anyone in a helping role, so that they in turn can offer their clients the best possible care.

I am a published author. The Little Book of Crisis: How to Cope with Change was published in 1999 by Frances Lincoln. (ISBN 0-7112-1560-X)